2021 Graduation: Flowers and Gifts for Students, Teachers, and Parents

Last year, graduation was tough for our students and kids because they did not get to enjoy what was rightfully theirs in terms of a celebration. Instead, they had to celebrate at home. This year, it's looking more positive that most graduations will be in-person again. Around the country, some schools are even inviting 2020 graduates back to celebrate with the 2020 graduates. Whatever you plan on doing for your grade school, middle school, high school, college, or trade school graduate, make sure you make it a big deal. After all, a lot of hard work went into getting themselves where they are today. It's also an opportune time to thank teachers, counselors, administrators, and even tutors for all the help they have provided you or your child. They have worked hard and also faced challenging times like your student so they deserve a thank you gift, too. Here are some ideas that work for everyone, including our local graduates in Cedartown and Rome, Georgia: Roses in colors that represent your school to add school spirit and coordinate with a cap and gown Compact festive flower arrangements in bold and bright colors, including sunflowers A basket full of sweet daisies A hand--wrapped [...]